Oh Creative Jumpstart 2013

Oh one last thing. I enrolled in CJ 2013 and it is awesome. It is free and the techniques being taught are fantastic. Even if you know some of the techniques, it just gives you inspiration to start off your crafting year and as the title depicts… Jumpstart. I have loved it so far and we have a while to go until the end of the month!

And a big shout out to Blitsy! I received my new pink ATG gun today. What a bargain, even with postage to Australia it was an awesome price. No-one needs to know the probs I have had with the red ATG gun when it first came out and I am hoping this new one is all that the other promised to be. If you don’t know about Blitsy please look them up. The bargains are fantastic even for us Aussies…. Here is the link



2 thoughts on “Oh Creative Jumpstart 2013

    • Thanks Christy. Yes I do like WordPress. Been using it since 2007 and works for me. Only downside with the free one (you can get a paid one) is the limited backgrounds etc you can use.

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