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Tried a couple of background effects

Hi there

I tried two different backgrounds over the past couple of days and thought I would share how they turned out.

The first was using distress inks and altering them with water, then spraying your stamp with water which draws the colour off the page to leave a white mark where you stamped. It was interesting to do. On that background I decided to stencil some butterflies and flowers with modelling paste and then put the word “Wish” because I wish I was as free as a butterfly somedays.

The second background technique was using mists and salt. My daughter and I both like the effects of this background. I was not so happy about what I put on top of the beautiful background, LOL.. Stamp was Suzi Blu, and I finally got out my watercolour pencils and added water. Wow, I didn’t realise what fun watercolour pencils could be, even though I hate the big writing at the top of the page. Oh well it is all experimental. The background, basically is spray mists over your page then drop salt all over the page before it dries. Once dry, brush the salt off. I have posted my AJ page using this method. Also posted just the background that my daughter made. The backgrounds all turn out differently because of the effect of the salt and of course using different colours.


and my daughter’s background….


Full details and great instructions can be found at Balzer Designs




Coffee – Can’t function without it!

Hi there

I’ve been art journalling again, but this time I thought I would do it about something that I start my day with, everyday of every week, of every month. I love my coffee!!

I used a lot of things from an old club scrap kit I had, painted lots of acrylic paints and basically just had fun. The coffee cup was from Unity. I love Unity stamps because they give such good impressions first stamp. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and look 🙂

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Just Love Me Art Journalling Page

Ok, this one is a bit personal but I will put it out there… Actually, it was an ongoing joke between him and me… And my reply if he was getting annoyed or even just stirring me up was “Just Love Me”, so today I used that second page that I painted last night and did this one…

Thanks for putting up with my posts, LOL.

Stamp courtesy of Suzi Blu. I love her stamps and have all her girl stamps! click for a bigger, scarier view of this picture.. LOL

Believe, Love, Dream – The perfect day

Hi again,

Tired of my art journalling “very much beginner” pages yet??

Last night before I went to bed I thought I would give the new Art Journal (the A5 one) a test run and threw down some yellow and burgunday paint and rolled it all out with a brayer. Oh and I did some glimmer mist too, but that was a lost cause on wet paint, LOL. I let it all dry overnight, then today I have been playing around with it. Really I had no clue what to do with a very reddish background with some yellow through it.

Anyway, long story short, I wiped some Gesso over the top part of the page (to tone it down a bit) with my finger, did some stencilling, oh no sure if you can see up the very top right hand corner I sprizted with glimmer mist a cut out of umm like a dandelion (thanks Mary W again for sending me some cuts of your dies). I stamped the heart on a dictionary page in Ranger Plum (my fave), glimmer misted the dragonfly to death, LOL, with Turquoise then maybe went a little bit overboard with the glossy accents on the heart, leaves, stem etc… but oh well.

Then added the words – Yes they are rubons. You know what? I thought those rubons were dead and buried in my stash, but seems they work well for art journalling pages!

Anyway I tend to ramble, so will stop now.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. I hope I can improve over time LOL. Just click on the pic for a better view.