Wizard of OZ Coasters

Hi again

I made some very basic coasters yesterday with the Graphic 45 Wizard of OZ Paper. I bought the coasters (MDF) from ETC – Kaiser Craft Shop the other day – 12 for $2.

Anyway I was playing around, and probably not new to anyone, but anyway, I wanted to use distress inks on a project but now know that adding gel medium over the top, even when heat set, it smears/runs.

So I thought, now how can I get a distress ink look without using distress inks LOL

So I got out one of the distress pads that you use with the ink tool. I dabbed that in acrylic paint and sort of swished it around (trying to pretend it was ink!), then I dabbed the other end of the foam pad in water and went over that in the same way and it came out looking like it had been distressed with ink.

I’m thinking of connecting them with wire and just using them as a wall hanging in my craft room, just to brighten the place up a bit.


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