Art Journal Page

I thought I would try and put the whole page in the one post. In order of the steps that I did.

Here’s the finished product :- My Art Journal Cover – Yes I had made a cover before, but I decided I liked this better. It has a LOT of weight in it!!

Art at the speed of life, AJ

Here are the steps to arrive at it. Collage on your canvas, add tissue paper over the top, stencils with modelling paste: –

Next was the painting and some sanding: –

Next was the crackle paint, painting with bubble wrap, sanding and more sanding, adding leaves, gessoing, adding some bits of ephemera: –

Finally, I had to paint on wax paper (I had none, so used heavy tracing paper, what a mess!!) and doodle into the paint and glaze and then flip it over onto the page and burnish it in (hence the colour changes), then sand some more, add metal paint over the page and decorate how you like. I don’t think there is enough on the page as far as embellishing but here it is for now. I tend to keep playing with things and then totally mess it up. So I think I will leave it for now. You would not believe how many layers of paint, paper, glaze, gesso, gel medium etc are on this page LOL!


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page

  1. Sharon this is utterly amazing.. I love all the steps you have done, and what a lovely thing to do with your daughter ….very nice indeed.

  2. It’s a great Page I have this book I have read it but not actually attempted anything from it as yet need some time and space hopefully will get round to it soon. Great idea to take photos of the different stages.
    Carol Ann xx

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