Art Journalling – Art at the Speed of Life

I finally got my book – Art at the Speed of Life and today found some play time!
The first project in the book seems fun, actually the whole book looks fantastic. I am only part way through the first project, so check back later for the end results!

I’ve started working on the AJ page from the first project (I think it is the first project) in Art the speed of life book.
Anyway collage is not my strong point. I can’t just stick papers everywhere. I guess that is the pedantic part of me when it comes to art. I had lots of bits of paper all torn up and was spending way too much time trying to lay them out, so instead I grabbed a piece of different pictures paper and stuck it down, overlapping some, so it looked like I at least tried to collage a little LOL… Anyway, I guess as part of this project the collage doesn’t even get seen at the end.So I figured why was I fussing over paper placement?? Cause I always do fuss…sighs

Anyway laid down some tissue paper over it all and gel medium again. Then got out an old Club Scrap stencil and slathered on the molding paste. I now LOVE molding paste!! It then says to lift it up and place the other side of the stencil (the flipside) down on the rest of the page (hence you can see splats of it on the rest of the page) but I love how the flowers came out. Can’t wait til it dries. No idea how long it takes to dry!! The molding paste adds texture etc to the page before you start painting and glazing and all those things.

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