Ok, so I am back again with the next stage of my canvas. I must admit I am loving this project. I would never have done this without the book. I would never have thought to layer and layer and layer

Anyway, as you can see in the previous post I collaged, gel mediumed, tissue papered, more gel medium.
Stenciled with molding paste. Now we are up to the next part (finally some colour!) I got to paint the canvas yellow ( I used sunflower yellow as the base)

This next stage had me puzzled because of the ingredients called for.. Anyway I glazed over the canvas (the book said drizzle, so I drizzled) with diamond glaze, then added the glaze to the acrylic paints and striped them over the page.
At this stage I can tell you I am still loving the molding paste with the stencil. WOW, it really adds texture to a page! Yes, it is kind of bright and stripey right now, but there is more to do.
Here it is so far 🙂


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