Chotski Pin

I made this for a swap on OWSE Yahoo group. I’ve never made one before, but basically you get a chotski pin (they remind me of the pins that are attached to Scottish Kilts) and then add whatever you like to it. There are 5 little eyelets along the under-side of the pin for you to attach things to. I used some stones in teal and green, wired through them, then wired some charms onto the end of the stone wiring. Don’t look too close at the twisting of the wire. I didn’t have any tools for that, so my fingers had to do the work!! Actually even if you don’t look close you will notice that I will never make a beader LOL!

I wanted to attach it to a card or something for when I send it off, so I alcohol inked a tag to match the colours of the stones (stream and lettuce), now I just have to figure out how to attach the pin to the tag as I got a little overzealous and added a bead etc to the top part where the pin opens so I can’t get it undone and through the tag to attach it! OOPS!!

I chose the colours because I read up on the group, my partners likes and dislikes and I hope I got it right with what colours she likes. Handy to have a list of likes/dislikes on a group for when you are doing swaps, then you can’t completely stuff up!!

Chotski, Pin, charms, alcohol inks, beads, tag


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