12999 Views! I am proud of that achievement! We have a winner Leslie please email me by 7th August 2011 with your details!!

Thank you to everyone that has visited my blog!

I am going to have a random draw from all comments posted under this post and to qualify you must leave a comment on my blog, become a member of the OWSE Store (which includes the Yahoo Group) (your discount store for all things craft! Never pay retail again!!) to win some blog candy! Please see the store link on the right and follow the instructions for joining the Store on the website! Note to register click on log in…

Your prize will be your choice of a 2 Tim Holtz Pre-ordered Stamp Sets from the new CHA range summer 2011
Note pre-orders take 4-12 weeks to be sent, but I will order it via our store and have it directly shipped to you as soon as it is in our hands.

Thanks to the people that have visited my blog and made it fun for me to share a little bit about myself!

I will draw the lucky random winner on the 30th July 2011 (My birthday, 21 again and again LOL)
Please feel free to let your friends know (not about my birthday LOL) but about the blog giveaway!


36 thoughts on “12999 Views! I am proud of that achievement! We have a winner Leslie please email me by 7th August 2011 with your details!!

  1. Hi Sharon. congratulations on such an awesome blog…

    and happy birthday for the 30th, I posted a card to you today so I hope it arrives on time.

  2. WOWzie! 12999 views is awesome. Here’s hoping you have a happy birthday and you continue your awesome blog. You have so much to look at and great buys.
    Michele from Florida

  3. happy happy 21st birthday again lol. hope you have many more. Another birthday doesn’t mean your getting older it just means you’re still alive. 😀 Congrats on the 12999 views too. wow!

  4. Wow, your blog is doing fabulously! Way to go!
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and continuing inspiration to keep you young and kicking all the way till your next 365 day round the sun!

  5. WTG on the views!!!! What fun!!! Love contests and already a member of the OWSE store and group – can’t beat the fun we have there and the savings!!!

  6. Hope your are having a great “21st” birthday week!! Thanks for the chance to win a Timmy set. i love his line, but few of his stamps (for some unknown reason). I keep gathering supplies and embellishments instead of his stamps…I am a sucker on embellishments. Great success with your new business endeavor! Phyllis

  7. Congrats and Happy Birthday! I have just come from applying to join the Yahoo group and after that approval,the shop. I learned of you through the AllThingsTim yahoo group. Great to be here.

  8. Happy 21st Birthday again! And congrats on the milestone on your blog. Great accomplishment! See you on OWSE!

  9. A woman after my heart – forever 21!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve been a member of the group (store and yahoo) for a while now. Great products and service.

  10. congratulations on being published and the amazing amount of views. and happy birthday on saturday. visited the store the other night to check things out but still trying to decide on which of the new products i want to get first. there are so many this year. happy 21.

  11. Happy Birthday and congratulations! Wow – you are doing great – I’m so very happy for you! Thank you for pointing me to the Yahoo group and the store (both of which I joined). Thank you also for a chance to win some fabulous stamps!

  12. A day late and a dollar short, I guess that will always be me. I am a member of OWSE the yahoo group and the emporium. This past week has been unbelievably busy. Happy Birthday, may this year be the best yet !

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