3D Sliceform Card

Hi I tried this out today. I have had this file on my computer for a long time. Anyway it came from a very talented lady Jennie Bean http://jenniebeancrafts.weebly.com/ and I decided to try it out today.
I have to admit I found it difficult, but that doesn’t mean a lot. I find jigsaws difficult, so putting this together challenged me!
Anyway here is my card or Sliceform: first up the front on view, then the top, then sideways and finally showing how it folds flat to put in the post to a friend 🙂

Paradise slice form card


2 thoughts on “3D Sliceform Card

  1. Hello, and a good Monday morning to you. I just looked at your card you struggled to assemble and love it! I am off to Jennie’s (?) site now to see what she has. Also loved the shoe. Can’t wait to see what else you are going to come up with.

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