Shopping! I’m on a winner

Hi there

I have been shopping online a lot but recently, as you would have seen from my other posts, joined an online group OWSE. Well I knew I was getting great prices when I shopped in their store, especially with the exchange rate right now.. Anyway, longish story, I was surfing the net to look for inspiration for using my new Tim stamps, Papillon, and came across another blog, which to tell the truth, I loved her tags and am going to case them (Mary, I will add your blog addy to my sidebar)!! Anyway, long story short, we got emailing and seems this lady used to own a store here in Australia and when I mentioned the prices at OWSE, even she said tell me where, I need to shop. The prices are lower than wholesale in Australia..
So I thought I should share here, where you can go to get great prices. I have brought from them. Great to deal with and no probs with anything. So for anyone in Australia, or wherever in the world, check out the following… it is well worth it. And tell them Sharon sent you.

I did it creations



2 thoughts on “Shopping! I’m on a winner

  1. Sharon, thanks for the compliment on my tags. I no longer have them in person, as I sent them out as RAK’s , and silly that I am, I didn’t write down how I made them so I am trying to guess how they were made, by looking at the are a bad influence I am going to go shopping as soon as I am approved,,, thanks so much.

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