Seriously I have no idea !

I am sitting outside, with my laptop. It is freezing cold LOL.. I am trying to find some particular files to cut and having no success LOL… I have 1/4 finished projects sitting on my desk in the craft room but can’t seem to get off my butt to go in there and actually start working on them!!

I’m still trying to figure out my ATC’s for this month, contemplating a shoe swap but still not sure, started my blooms and butterflies tag, doing a proto-type for my fairy 4×4 plus on another forum I have added another swap to my list of swaps to do for giant puzzles pieces, oh plus I have a birthday card to make and send this week to a friend in the USA… hmm I should get off my butt!! And I didn’t get any of the challenges done for the first half of the month , on OWSE, except the Sea Tag one…
And worse still when I get surfing the net for stuff, then I get way sidetracked looking at everything everyone else has done and bookmarking away LOL

So besides sleeping what are you all up to?


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