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A Tag with my New Tim Holtz Papillon Stamps

I need to thank Mary in NSW for inspiring this tag! I found the inspiration on her blog. Check her blog out too. It’s in the side bar.

Anyway this is how I did it

Applied Gesso
Dried that off with heat gun
Apply 3 different distress inks over that
Stamped image for background in SU Sahara
Stamped forefront image (the 3 small butterflies) in black (the texture really showed through)
I then stamped some acetate (packaging plastic) and cut out the butterflies
and stuck them over the stamped image and squeezed the wings up to give dimension
Embellished with prima flowers and some lace from my stash.

Sorry about the quality of the picture. It was taken with my phone as my digi camera is playing up.

Tim Holtz Stamps, Gesso, Prima Flowers


Shopping! I’m on a winner

Hi there

I have been shopping online a lot but recently, as you would have seen from my other posts, joined an online group OWSE. Well I knew I was getting great prices when I shopped in their store, especially with the exchange rate right now.. Anyway, longish story, I was surfing the net to look for inspiration for using my new Tim stamps, Papillon, and came across another blog, which to tell the truth, I loved her tags and am going to case them (Mary, I will add your blog addy to my sidebar)!! Anyway, long story short, we got emailing and seems this lady used to own a store here in Australia and when I mentioned the prices at OWSE, even she said tell me where, I need to shop. The prices are lower than wholesale in Australia..
So I thought I should share here, where you can go to get great prices. I have brought from them. Great to deal with and no probs with anything. So for anyone in Australia, or wherever in the world, check out the following… it is well worth it. And tell them Sharon sent you.

I did it creations


Steampunk Fairy

I am in a swap for a Fairy 4×4. I was stressing so badly about what to do, anyway, I have this wonderful Graphic 45 paper pack – Steampunk Debutante, so finally after days of thinking what the heck am I going to do I decided that I would try my hand at a Steampunk Fairy instead of the cutesy type fairies. Shhh do not tell my swap partner it’s on my blog. I hope she will like it. It is probably not in the spirit of the fairy swap but I read her likes and dislikes on the email group and she is not into cutesy and likes Tim Holtz etc, so we will see. Anyway, it is a pretty simple 4×4 but I am happy with it. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

Steampunk, Graphic 45, Distress Inks

A new journey

Hi again,
I have decided to make an art journal. I have never had an inkling to do one, but when life changes so do your behaviours sometimes.
What is an art journal? I am not completely sure. I have googled it and seen some fancy works, lots of pictures, lots of abstract art, all wonderful.
My decision today to do an art journal was brought about by a significant change in my life.. NO, not menopause… LOL… Anyway I decided that I would do a page a day, starting today, to just use one word and then to write on that page all the feelings I have about that word.
I am not going to post my first page here as it is very personal, but to describe what I did for my very first journal page is simple.

Hmm step back a minute or 10. Firstly I thought, I am angry, so perhaps I should get out the reds and blacks and paint my background with that. Forward 15 mins and some thinking about what word I wanted to use in my first art journal and I thought, no, red and black background is not it. I chose a cool blue and yellow and pulled out some paper, and slapped that blue and yellow down. Heat set it, THEN got out the RED and wrote the word in the middle of the page, then around that word I added sentences that meant something to me, extending from that word…You know what??? It helped… I’m not so angry now!
I then flipped the page over (oh yeah, the back of the paper had some splashes of paint on it, quite by accident) and then I wrote on the back, like a diary…Sheesh I almost feel like I am back being a teenager and starting a diary again.! But what the heck, it helped me, just to paint, to write and to get out the anger that I had. I cried a lot while doing it, but it was worth it.
Hopefully tomorrow’s journal word will be a happier one!
Now, tell me, do you art journal? Does yours include pictures etc. Have you ever done one that is just a word?

Til tomorrow!


Edit.. LOL.. I found a good explanation about art journalling… thought I would add it here.

Personal journals are like diaries. You use them to tell your own life story, and sometimes to sort through issues and challenges. Your diary may be handwritten or typed. You can illustrate it with sketches, photos, or mementos… or allow your words to tell the entire story.

“Art journaling” is illustrating your personal journal or diary. You can use sketches, photos, paintings, or collage. You can glue in receipts, newspaper headlines or clippings, entries from the TV Guide for that day, or… anything visual, really.
Explanation on Journalling found at Journalling Arts

Seriously I have no idea !

I am sitting outside, with my laptop. It is freezing cold LOL.. I am trying to find some particular files to cut and having no success LOL… I have 1/4 finished projects sitting on my desk in the craft room but can’t seem to get off my butt to go in there and actually start working on them!!

I’m still trying to figure out my ATC’s for this month, contemplating a shoe swap but still not sure, started my blooms and butterflies tag, doing a proto-type for my fairy 4×4 plus on another forum I have added another swap to my list of swaps to do for giant puzzles pieces, oh plus I have a birthday card to make and send this week to a friend in the USA… hmm I should get off my butt!! And I didn’t get any of the challenges done for the first half of the month , on OWSE, except the Sea Tag one…
And worse still when I get surfing the net for stuff, then I get way sidetracked looking at everything everyone else has done and bookmarking away LOL

So besides sleeping what are you all up to?

Finally, a place for my flower!

I made this card and used my handmade flower on it. Thanks for taking the time to look. Papers, Graphic 45 Le Romantique, inked everything as usual, added lace, fussy cut butterflies and leaves and cut the aperture card with heart from and SVG file.