Who loves My Kitchen Rules?? My daughter and I loved this last series. In fact we have had fun with it since. She seems to be the food critique! Wow pressure in the kitchen from a 7 year old!! Have you ever felt it?? Hmmm little Miss 7 has been judging on presentation even!! LOL and the funniest thing, while I was cooking one night she was wandering around the kitchen like one of those judges, saying, hmmm so what are you making, what ingredients, I notice you have such and such out and what are you going to do with that!! Yikes… pressure LOL..

She actually wanted to apply to Jnr Masterchef this year, but I have told her she needs to spend the next year learning more cooking and be able to cook a meal before she even thinks about applying… Now this is the funny part – DD says – “Would I have to be away from home, Mummy?” Hmmm yes… then silence…… 🙂


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