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Simple Card for Easter

Hi there
Just made a simple card for my daughter for Easter and thought I would share it. No stamping, just cutting and inking. He/She kind of looks like an albino bunny because I stuck a pink bling on for the eye… Oops! Got the SVG file at Annels Blog

SVG, Easter, Inking, Card


Handpainted Poppy

Ok so I cannot draw to save my life, truly! Anyway the girls on PAO (who I have known online for hmm about 5 years) decided they would all do a Poppy challenge.
Well me being me I thought all their art was fantastic but had decided, nope not for me. I do not have a clue how to draw LOL. It got to the stage where one of the ladies was egging me on and so today I thought what the heck I’ll give it a go..

So anyway here are the steps I took to arrive at a Poppy framed but lacking art words right now, but I just want to think about what words I want because I will probably never ever draw a poppy again LOL

So here is the sketch….

Then the colouring but still needed work cause I needed a longer stem… but the colouring done

Then I decided that I had a pic frame that needed using, and tried a few different backgrounds with my paints before settling on the brighter yellow with a little slap of red
The yellow seemed to add some “fun” to the drawing!
Thanks for reading this far LOL
I will add some stamping or words to it, but for now, it is as it is 🙂


Who loves My Kitchen Rules?? My daughter and I loved this last series. In fact we have had fun with it since. She seems to be the food critique! Wow pressure in the kitchen from a 7 year old!! Have you ever felt it?? Hmmm little Miss 7 has been judging on presentation even!! LOL and the funniest thing, while I was cooking one night she was wandering around the kitchen like one of those judges, saying, hmmm so what are you making, what ingredients, I notice you have such and such out and what are you going to do with that!! Yikes… pressure LOL..

She actually wanted to apply to Jnr Masterchef this year, but I have told her she needs to spend the next year learning more cooking and be able to cook a meal before she even thinks about applying… Now this is the funny part – DD says – “Would I have to be away from home, Mummy?” Hmmm yes… then silence…… 🙂

Waiting for my Goodies

I have a large order for lots of Tim stuff amongst other things. It was shipped a few days ago from the USA and I am really hoping it arrives before the Easter Break! Then I can have some fun in the craft room! Also if it arrives before Easter I will be able to take part in the “slumber party” online at OWSE to make a mini album.
Oh before I forget, I still haven’t finished the other project I started a while back. I kind of got side-tracked. I’ll get back to it. I just can’t seem to find my muse for working with it right now and I am not happy with the green (it’s changed to a different colour green since my first post because I can’t leave well enough alone!).