Archive | March 2011

Quick Update

Well I have moved house, unpacked everything including my craft room and found a little mojo along the way!
I guess living in a house you love makes a difference, well it does to me. I am happy here, which means I can enjoy my surrounds and do the thing that I love to do the most – MAKE STUFF!!

I did some ATC’s from Donna Downey ATC Kit club. They are nothing like they are supposed to look like from the original kit, lol, but it got me motivated to play more 🙂

I started a project which will take me some time to complete, but I am thoroughly enjoying it as it is a challenge for me. Here’s a teaser.. Will post the finished project when done.

Finally last night about 11.30PM I thought I would do a Tag for a challenge on an email group I belong to. It is supposed to be a spring tag. Well spring makes me think of butterflies, so here is the end result. It needs ribbon on the tag hole but I just could not find the perfect ribbon/fibre in amongst the myriad of stuff I have! Oh you probably can’t see it in the picture but the butterflies including the ones in her hair all have crystal effects on it and it does look nice in real life!