Archive | December 2010

Tim’s Tags

I have watched each year as Tim Holtz does his 12 days of xmas tags but have not done them, mainly due to the fact I don’t have much in the way of Tim’s products! Anyway, this year a group that I am on have been showcasing some fantastic work and also showing how they improvise when they don’t have Tim stuff so I thought I would give it a go. I skipped day one and headed for what I thought would be a bit simpler, day 2… Well these are my efforts and I would call them mistakes, but I am NOT doing a third attempt at the same day 2 tag… Photos taken in my Xmas tree.. First attempt I was doing ok until I stamped the flourish way too dark. Second attempt, well, lets just say I wasn’t happy with it (but I tend to spend too much time being a perfectionist when it comes to craft instead of just going with the flow!), so I found a wooden bird, painted it silver, stuck it on and there you have it!.