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Christmas Stocking File

Hi there

I must say a big thank you to Alisa for converting this file to WPC so I could cut it out on my pazzles machine. I was about to sell my machine and all my craft stuff after the fact I could not cut it etc, but she converted it, after I found it as an svg file. At first the welding was not done etc.. but Alisa fixed it for me.

The original svg free file was here thanks to Veronica for it Crafty Blonde

Anyway, Veronica’s post shows the adult workings of the christmas stocking, but I will show you a pic below of my daughters workings of it for her year 2 friends christmas cards…. Cut the boot, cut patterned paper, stick some stuffing at the top of the boot, some ribbon and then a stamp inside saying Merry Christmas.. Easy peasy for kids.


What a difference 7 weeks makes

Hi there
If you scroll down a little you will see the vegie patch when we first planted it. Well last night we had the first lettuce out of the garden. A couple of weeks ago we ate the first strawberries.

Just an updated picture of the vegie patch. Everything is growing beautifully. The tomatoes have flowers on them, the pumpkin has started to flower, the lettuces are ready. I’m so pleased with how it is all going.

Mind you I was away over the weekend and it was hot here, and with lack of water the strawberry plant did not hold up, but other than that it’s all good!

Strawberry plant before they ripened

Vegie Patch now..