Another Coke Can Card

Embossed with my cuttlebug, painted with Alcohol Inks. I also did the back and front of the card base with the same inks to try to tie in the colours. I think this is my favourite. It only took a matter of minutes to complete. Super quick and easy!
Click on the pic to see more detail


7 thoughts on “Another Coke Can Card

  1. Hello Sharon,

    great to see what you can do with a coke can !
    I’ve used it before, but I had a little problems that the metal still wanted to curl.

    On your card it lies plat perfectly : does it stay that way after you run it to the cuttlebug ?
    With what glue you glued it to your card and did’t the metal made your paper curl ?

    greetings from Belgium

    • Hi Inge

      the metal is very malliable so once i ran it through the cuttlebug it was still curved, but then I just bent it backward and it seemed to lie down flat. As for adhesion, I just used doubled sided tape and it stuck very well 🙂
      Hope that answers your questions.

  2. Wow what beautiful creations. I had not done anything with soda cans put see another night of experimenting in the very near future.

  3. I love the textured coke can idea! Did you use alcohol inks to color them? I will have to try this soon!! And the flowers. I had heard of these for quite a while but never tried it. Now I will! Do you recommend gloves so we don’t cut ourselves on the metal?
    thanks for sharing!

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