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Couple of Embossed Cards

Using Manhattan Rose. Amazing what a little ink in an embossing folder will do and a bit of fun..


Embossing with the Manhattan Rose and pink cardstock and plum ink


Here’s a video about using Soda Cans

I have had a few enquiries about how to use the metal from the soda cans and someone on an email group I belong to posted a link to this one by Michael Strong. Hope this helps to answer any questions!


Another Coke Can Card

Embossed with my cuttlebug, painted with Alcohol Inks. I also did the back and front of the card base with the same inks to try to tie in the colours. I think this is my favourite. It only took a matter of minutes to complete. Super quick and easy!
Click on the pic to see more detail

Still playing with coke cans!

Hi there,

I know this is not a new idea LOL, but I made a flower out of a coke can very late last night (hiccup)… Used my retro flower punch, punched out 3 flowers, covered in alc. inks and was happy with how it turned out…


Recycled Coke Can Card

Hi there, another challenge to use metal on a card. I guess I went a little overboard!
Anyway, salvaged a coke can from the recycle pile and embossed it with the cuttlebug, then played with alcohol inks and this is the end product.

Ah it must be Spring, Finally!!

Wow, the first month of spring was cold and just a hangover from Winter, I am sure! BUT, this weekend it has been beautiful, thank goodness.
So, you guessed it. Time to get out in the garden as well as crafting!

Blueyes dug up the garden for me and G to plant our vegie patch, neat mounds/rows fertilised and ready to go. Then off we went this morning to buy some seedlings. Oh, by the by, we also all bought shorts seeing as the weather has warmed up. THEN we went to the nursery for the seedlings.

G wanted Rockmelon and Watermelon. We found Rockmelon (YUM)..
We ended up with Rockmelon & Pumpkin which were planted away from the other seedlings given they seem to spread and take over the garden… we also bought the following and planted them – Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, baby carrots, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, capsicum, strawberries. I wanted spring onions but the place we went to were sold out, so will keep an eye out for them later :). The lettuce was a mix which should be nice!

Anyway, here are some posing pics of me and G after we had finished planting – proud of our little patch 🙂
Err excuse the bra strap in my pic LOL.

The little BUG pot is holding the Strawberry plant.

Accordian Card – Another POA Challenge

Another Challenge was to make a card with a different fold, other than the standard card fold. This one was simple with only a few folds, but hey at least I did the challenge! I did monotone – Pink kind of apt for October, being Breast Cancer Awareness month.
I feel like I have my crafting mojo back at the moment. You know how you can tell if you have your mojo back? Your craft room looks like a bomb site! LOL.. And yes mine does!
Anyway, here is the card. 3 views. First one closed…