What else does today bring?

Well today I was supposed to attend an art/craft class which I had been looking forward to for so long! Alas, that did not happen and don’t need to go into it here, suffice to say personal reasons! So as I said below, I spent some time in my craft room. This afternoon I pulled out some VERY old photos!! Wow did it take me back, high school photos, first year of work photos, all the peoples weddings I have been in over the years, photos of my grandparents, my parents and even ones of me when I was about four years old!

Sometimes it is good to look back and remember. Some of the photos made me laugh, others made me pensive. Amazing how a photo can change your mood just like that. It is good to look back and remember the happy events that seem to fade as you get older!

So I have decided I am going to scrap some of those photos as my next mission as I rarely scrapbook photos of me. Hope you don’t get too scared seeing them over the next couple of months!! Even one photo prompted me to txt my brother and say hey what date and year did you get married as there is a photo of me, Dad and Adam, together with Adam’s son Daniel (he was so tiny then!).

Enough rambling for now, though!

Happy Valentines day to those that celebrate it and for those that are in love!!


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