Ok.. Catch Up first

Hi again

I have joined up again for the Pro Scrapbooking League at Club Scrap. It generally runs the same time as the American Superbowl and goes for a couple of months where all the people join in and scrap with a certain craziness, pumping out pages like you would not believe!

This year I am on the distressers team, which may be apt.. LOL

Anyway week one is to use fibres on your LO. Now I must admit I am not in the same league as those that have been able to pump out 20, 30 etc lo’s. I “fart” around too much to be able to mass produce..LOL,l but at least I am contributing to the team with my double layout. So here it is. A wonderful walk which I did not realise at the time was in the backyard of where we lived. Yeah Blue eyes took us on the adventure, which will then lead into todays adventure of which I am still recovering… LOL.. Anyway here are a couple of pages I did of the beautiful Sturt Gorge. None of me. I was either behind the camera or gasping for air when we made the ascent up a damn cliff face!!


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