10 kilometre walk – Just a Sunday stroll so they say!

With life being in the balance and trying to repair a relationship and my DD being here, her and blue eyes made a plan yesterday which I was not so privvy to!!
I picked up that we would be going to the beach for a walk in the morning and breakfast…

Well hello!!
6.00 AM Sunday Morning!! – Blue Eyes shaking my toes, DD tickling me all over – It was time to get up.. WTF?? Is this like mum bootcamp or something?? I wanted sleep!!

6.05AM – Wow my captives allowed me to have coffee- Ahhh yes, I cannot function without at least ONE coffee!
I dragged out the coffee bit as long as I could! LOL.. Then it was get ready we are going to the beach and breakfast. Hmmm I dilly dallied around

6.50AM we headed off to the beach. It had been decided that we would have breakfast first, then walk. Oh another chance for more coffee LOL
7.00 AM – Glenelg – Maccas was looking good for a quick, not so nutrious, breakfast and the McCafe for a double shot flat white!
We ate breakfast, yes even me, and we set off. The plan was to walk to Brighton Jetty and back to Glenelg. Now I had parked in a 1 hour parking zone but it did not start until 9am, so we thought we have until 10 am to be back.. Well, I started to think that the Brighton jetty was a mirage as we splashed along the foreshore, passed people surf fishing and collected shells. I of course did not have my specs on, so, of course could not see the “mirage” way off in the distance!!

8.00AM mind you I could see the black fins off shore and was not sure if they were sharks or baby dolphins, still we paddled, stopping from time to time to see if those black fins had disappeared or what was happening…

9.00 AM As the mirage of the Brighton jetty became a reality we could see a large crowd gathered there, even from a distance this non spectacled girl could see the flash of camera’s and enquiring minds wondered what is going on up there!!
Now I must add at this juncture, that DD is 6 and the walk was a long slow one as she dawdled along, us stopping to check to see where she was, or us stopping and waiting for her to catch up!

Wow you are still reading???? We are almost half way, ok???

9.30 AM Oh yeah I can see Life Savers in rowing boats.. Ahhh there is a surf life saving carnival on! This could be interesting, or at least, a change of scenery!! Ok, cannot get around the crowd, head off up onto the pavement above the beach and what should be see, but a mini carnival, well almost, there seems to be a crowd, I am parched, DD is complaining of sore legs.. OMG, we still have to walk back yet!!

To be continued… I am sooooo tired will recount the rest tomorrow…LOL


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