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Some Jubilee Cards

Hi again
I made some cards the other day using Club Scrap kit “Jubilee”
I am pretty happy with how most turned out and at least now I have some birthday cards stashed away!

Thanks for looking.


WOW – SCAL E-Files Site

I have only just discovered this guys site for free SVG Files. You MUST check it out. His work is beautiful. 

I must have been living under a rock to not have seen this before!!  Please check out Paulo’s site, you won’t be disappointed!

Birthday Shouts!

Before I stop blogging tonight I have to say Happy Birthday to my parents. Glenys 12th Jan and Dad 15th Jan… Wishing you both wonderful birthdays.. Glenys I tried to phone you on your birthday, but no answer!! Dad, I sms’d you and phoned. Hope you got my messages.
Love you both