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What is happening?

Well still no crafting happening here, but I have been busy making some wonderful friends! Out to dinner again tonight, caught up with some other friends, found someone who can put together Ikea furniture for me..LOL… Yes, I bought some Ikea furniture on the weekend, took it home and thought.. hmmm now what do I do..LOL.. Anyway a friend is coming over on Friday to put it together for me.
Cannot believe I have to go out again this Saturday night. This whole get out and meet people has been great for me. So we are off out again Saturday night and it sounds like it should be a great night. Dinner and wherever the night leads us! I really feel like I am living again, the first time in a long time.

Mind you I have done nothing about xmas, except for my daughter, so I better do that Saturday.


Hello again

Hi there!

Have I cheered up! Yes. That’s a good thing, trust me 🙂

Well following on from my last post, I didn’t get the chance to do any crafting, well I could have found the chance but anyway. Went out Saturday night for dinner, a movie and had a late night..LOL. God I am glad I don’t do that every week!
Had visitors Sunday, then early night 🙂
This week out again Friday night, I might like becoming a social butterfly again, who knows !!
So as for craft, well don’t anyone hope for a handmade card this year… LOL I am going to pack the room up in readiness for moving or whatever eventuates. It is just all sitting there untouched. I’ll leave my daughters craft things out as she likes to poke around with it all still and she always wants me to share her desk lately anyway AND give instructions on what we should make…
So here’s to another bright day 🙂