Well today we went to visit some good friends, me and Georgia, went to visit, I mean. We met them during ante natal classes when we were both expecting our first children around the same time. It was fortuitous that they ended up living in the same area as us. Five years on, we are still friends

Anyway, Georgia and their daughter have been friends from birth (even if they did not know it) and I got to catch up with Lee and Leesa. Lovely couple, gorgeous new son, and good friends.

It was nice to catch up and be able to chat. Looking forward to a coffee during the week Leesa 🙂

Hmm Lee’s lamb shanks smelled better than what G and I are having for tea. Must make a note, slow cooker, lamb shanks and Lee’s recipe… I think he said some diced tomato, McCormick pepper sauce and some water and cook with whatever Vege you want… so I will look at doing that next. It sure smelled wonderful. Now off to cook snags and vegies 🙂 oh and rice instead of potato as G loves rice 🙂

Cooked up plenty of rice so I can freeze it and then when she is here I can grab it out of the freezer. Done Vegies for tomorrow night, and I guess we will have fish or chicken tomorrow night with it. Whatever I decide, it will be healthy 🙂


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