Little Fat Book Swap – Where I live

This one really stumped me for a while. I had all sorts of ideas but couldn’t pull it together. Finally, last night, working until 1AM and then adding more today, I did what I thought was my interpretation of Where I Live.

Little Fat Books are 4 inch by 4 inch pages. No smaller, no  larger.. That was what stumped me and the fact that this swap was happening with the majority of people in the USA,  so I did not want to just do something on my State, but wanted to share a little of Australia on each page.

The photo will not show the information on the back of each page. I wanted to send info about each place, so printed out some basic information to place on the back of each page, including a Koala is a Koala, it is NOT a Koala Bear (got that out of my system now), and also some historic info on places I did each page on.

The little houses I got from Dan’s Blog and used my cricut to cut them. (Also check out Dan’s blog for a fantastic tutorial on how to use distress inks and make a great tag)

I used heaps of Tim Holtz distress ink all over and gel medium too. Now gel medium is another story.. LOL… but I LOVE that stuff!! Just so easy to use.. and love the shine it gives to your work!



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