My DD (Georgia) and DH (Darryl) took the bins out last night and decided to race each other up the driveway and inside!!

My DD came hurtling up the drive way, round to the side door (glass) and SMACK.. went straight into the door!! I was in the kitchen which looks onto that door and heard this almighty crash and saw her BOUNCE off the door and crash onto the pavers outside.. God, my heart went crazy!!! DH and I both got to her at the same time… DH picked her up and STUPID ME… (DD was screaming as you would!) said… oh no she hasn’t passed out has she!!!
Poor little darling bit her lip and had a huge egg on her head.
After she was settled on the couch with a flannel and bag of peas on her “egg” and was not crying.. (dinner on hold ….) I said want a photo, like a trooper she says YES… so got a couple of pics… She says..show me mummy!! Oh it is going down now isn’t it!!


I am happy to report due to the icepack her “egg” was barely visible today. 

Oh, of course I have now scrapped it!


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