Wow! A new program – Works with Cricut – Sure Cuts a Lot

What a fantastic program. I had stopped using my baby Cricut because the cartridges were too expensive. Like $110 to $145 Australian Dollars. I had actually sold some of my cartridges that I had because it was too expensive to continue. Anyway, all I can say, is this new program, still in its infancy and still being upgraded regurlarly with changes, is fantastic. I am still learning, but the ladies on the forum for Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) generously share their images to import into the program. You do not need files either, you can just use your TTF or dingbats and send it to cricut machine to cut. The program enables you to cut True type fonts, dingbats, clipart, just about anything from your PC to your Cricut. It works on both Cricut machines and you do not need the Design program.  Have a look and also a wander around the forum too, to help you better understand what this program does. The forum link is: If you have any questions someone on the forum can answer you. Keep in mind I am like 2 weeks old to this program. I love the fact that you can weld your word together, you can cut intricate svg files and more.   I am not part of the SCAL retailers, just wanted to share what a wonderful program and money saver                        


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