Archive | March 2008

New Card

I love trying different things and this one got me to use the masking technique. Mind you when I mentioned masking to my 4 year old daughter she was all for making masks!!!! I had to explain that was not quite what mummy was talking about..LOL

Anyway, in this card I have used Club scrap papers and Stampin Up “Scribble This” stamp set. It was simple to make, just a bit of cutting and stamping, a great 3 D look and voila, a card you can put whatever sentiment on



Playing about with Cards

After spending the past few weeks doing layout after layout I really needed a break from scrapbooking and just wanted to chill, enjoy and forget any competitiveness there may or may not exist and just do my thing! PLUS it is the beginning of March so I have a new batch of Birthday cards due out soon..LOL.. So here are a few I have made in the last couple of days.