Sticker Holder/ Embellishment Holder

I posed a question on a site about how to store your stickers etc..

Anyway I adapted it to make my own sticker holder! Easy peasy… And the fibres do not get tangled up as they are on the rings. I think it is a nice piece for the scraproom and finally I might remember I have stickers etc that I can use. I have heaps of letters and never think to use them!

I had just bought 2 cheap toilet roll holders. The one I worked with was white. This project takes about 5 minutes at the most.

Get your toilet roll holder, some ring holders, plastic file pages, some alcohol inks and some fibres and have fun. Cost about $4 all up with the holder and fibres and using some of your inks and the rings..

Here is the result of mine



Found another website today (2nd February) showing how to make your own version of a very expensive sticker holder. This version is very cheap and it has step by step instructions. Called Spinning Storage Rack made with lamp shade pieces. Amazing what you can make when you put your mind to it. This is next on my project list!

Check out the website..



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