Couple of Easy Meals

Pork Rashers marinated – I did this once when scratching around the cupboard and freezer for something to eat and now it is a family favourite

Go to the supermarket, grab yourself some pork rashers (no, not spare ribs, just the cheap cut of pork rashers)

Cut them into bite size pieces, throw them in a bowl

Grab yourself some Fruit chutney or Tomato chutney ( Beerenberg is fantastic and SA owned). Tip the whole jar over the rashers and mix thoroughly

Mix, cover bowl with cling wrap and let marinade for a few hours or all day if you wish. Stir from time to time when you remember, throw on the BBQ or in the pan inside if you wish and cook until tender. The aroma is sensational!!

My husband and sister in law hate fatty meat, but absolutely love these marinated and this is a cheap meal that tastes fantastic!

Spuds – Everyone knows this one !

Wash your spuds, do not peel, throw them in a saucepan, boil until tender, then serve in a bowl for all to enjoy with lots of butter, if they so choose, have grated cheese, sour cream, whatever salad you choose for people to add to their potatoes.

Both of the above easy meals go together whether it be summer or winter, they are both delicious .


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