Holidays have finished – Back to work

Oh well back to work today!

What a shame I did not win tattslotto while on holidays! Thankfully my sister-in-law didn’t either or I would be already negotiating with fence builders and security people for that 8 foot fence and security screen tv!! Just kidding Kerri!!

Work – Hmmm nothing changes, it is just back into the swing of it, almost groundhog day at that place, but it helps pay the bills and the mortgage. My New Years resolution (which I made upon my return to work today) is shutup, do a full days work and don’t rock the boat too much!

We’ll see how long that lasts, the “don’t rock the boat bit”. Long day today (my goodness I worked way past my 8 hours today!) as I had a lot of things to catch up on in regard emails, office gossip, how was everyone elses holidays, what was it like for those left working while a lot of us were on holidays and so on. I know, I sound cynical!!

I still think about moving to Queensland but at this point in time it is not an option. Our little girl starts school next term and yes, we have a mortgage to pay off and for the same money in QLD we would not get the same kind of home as we have here in SA. Hubby says he would love to move there too, but thinks that the saying for moving to QLD is move there WITH money, not to MAKE money… So maybe in 10 years or so we will make the move, who knows???? It was so nice having family around and the thought of knowing that we could live up there and see more of each other really makes me want to move, but practicality comes into it.

Well something to look forward to tomorrow at work – I am getting a new mobile phone delivered… YAY. Sister-in-law asked me if I was going to give her my new number!! Well, maybe… If you behave, I just might Kerri !! hahahaha.. Anyway, enough complaining and being cynical today – I am off to buy another Lotto ticket… LOL


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