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Digital ATC

I made this one from scratch with bits and pieces I have found around the net. It really is quite addictive!

Xmas ATC


Digital LO

I have been trying out Digital Scrapping the past couple of days. Well actually as per my personality, I have been obsessing on it.. LOL. Here are my first couple of very very basic digital layouts




Classes – If Interested – Contact Me

Hi there

I am finding that lots of people do not try out stamping or scrapbooking because they really do not know where to start!

If you are one of these people or know someone like this, then please feel free to contact me. I am happy to offer individual beginners classes or if there are a group of up to four, happy to host that too.

I prefer not to hold groups for anymore than 4 people for beginners in Stamping or Scrapbooking, as you all need to have some individual attention when learning all about this wonderful craft.


Christmas Traditions for Children

Today I heard about making reindeer poo!! Usually we leave the carrots and beer and sugar cubes inside for Santa and the reindeers, but I think this year it is time to move it outside!A lady at work told me they always leave theirs outside, along with a marked out area for a parking bay for Santa and his sleigh! Then she can do the reindeer poo!Grab yourself some sultanas, roll them in some dirt and leave near the plate of food you have left out for the reindeers! I love this idea! Do you have any other tips and tricks for making christmas special??

Kris Kringle Present

To be honest, I really do not like doing Kris Kringle. Some people are cruel, some are tasteless, some just cannot be bothered and put no thought into it. This year I got a recipient, who is going on 12 months leave without pay to join her partner in Brisbane. She is not into craft at all and I am slightly hesitant to provide this Kris Kringle to her because of this, but I thought, well 12 months off, she should have some memories she may like to capture, so, I took to the front of a pale pink scrap album with my alcohol inks, added some ribbon and did some pages, with mats (not adhered) and added some wording on how to scrap book.

I guess time will tell as to whether she uses it or not. Here it is along with the note I added on a transperancy..

Collect some memories of 2008dsc002561.jpg
This comes with instructions
so don’t feel bad
See the little stick that looks like lipstick
in your handbag
It’s called glue!
See the mats for the photo’s
They’re 4 x 6
Cut down your photos so they fit
1/4 inch margin all around
your photos will look great
Do NOT frown!
Just remember to add a little note
for each photo, so when you return
it will tell a story to all us folk!

Gift Voucher Holders

I bought my nephews and neice vouchers this year for Christmas as they aregiftcardholders.jpg

all getting old enough that they would probably prefer to choose their own gifts. I really wanted the vouchers to look special, so I made some gift card holders and decorated them. I wish I had taken a photo of inside the holders before I posted them off to the recipients, but alas I didn’t. Inside is a basic card style side on the left and then the right side has a pocket cut on an angle to hold the voucher.