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Saturday and the weather is perfect

Hi again. I am trying to get motivated again. I have a zillionteen (my daughters words for a lot) cards to make, but the weather is just so gorgeous at the moment I don’t want to go inside, again!! It’s 32C and we are heading for 35C tomorrow.

I can smell the BBQs around the neighbourhood today and almost have me salivating. Well BBQ and salad for dinner for us tonight.

I have a couple of hours as DH and DD have gone to visit Grandma, so I should be making the most of it. Hmmmm inside/outside.. No choice. I love this weather.

Mind you I will be complaining in a month or so time seeing as our temps get to 40+ degrees during summer and then the heat is oppressive. I guess I can then make cards and scrap in an airconditioned house… LOL

I did however, the other day finally make some cards and will post them later. I have tried the One Sheet Wonder templates and it looks great. A great template if you are looking to make a lot of cards with the same pattern/paper.


Another Day…

Hi again. It’s Thursday afternoon here in Adelaide and I am sitting outside enjoying the warm temperatures and contemplating making some cards. I just don’t seem to be able to go inside!!!

I am enjoying the 2nd last day of my holidays (had a weeks holiday) and everything just seems so quiet and peaceful. Mind you, it is windy.

While I have been sitting out here I have been surfing the net and found some wonderful blogs.

Will add them to my sites I like to visit over there >>>>>>>

I have been playing around with a little trinket box and toying with making more calendars. But as I said I just can’t get myself inside…LOL

Oh must say that I have had the chance to play with my new camera!! I love it and still have not discovered everything it does. Georgia and I went to the beach on Monday afternoon and I tried out the “burst” function. It’s awesome.

World Cardmaking Day

I would like to thank the lovely ladies that came over and shared a fun afternoon with me, making cards, chatting, eating and drinking. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This picture is my effort for World CD and the card will be winging its way to my October OCAM tomorrow.


2008 Calendar


I had fun today working with this. For the overseas visitors., you may notice the fallen blossom. It is Spring here, in Australia.

All ClubScrap Be Still papers. I had fun with the papers and also painting the sides and back with acrylic paint (Lilac). The calendar has a stand that is perfect for those that want a desk calendar. I decided to use bookbinding glue to join the right handside of the calendar months, so that they can be ripped off when not needed anymore; I used the month/date stamp from CS to add the months to the calendar.


One RAK is about to be winging its way to a lovely lady in the USA.. Keep an eye out for your PIN/Brooch and thank you for your email. It really does make this fun to share!