Friday 27th April

It is raining!!! YAY!!Yesterday it rained continuously. Fantastic. We really need the rain here right now. So dry, gardens dying and even worse the farmers and irrigators are facing very very hard times.
I was listening to the radio today and a lady phoned up to say yesterday when the rain was falling her and 3 friends were leaving a slimmers club at Victor Harbor and the hooked arms and sang “Singing in the Rain” to a few bemused passer-bys!

This weekend is Georgia’s 4th birthday. I am stressing.. I am so used to my step-mum being here to help me get organised!! This year she will still be at home in Tasmania!! Oh well you would think after 3 b’days I would be a little organised, but this party is different. Georgia knows what she wants this year and this year she has 7 little friends coming along. In the past it has been mainly family and 2 little friends!

I have planned a couple of games – the usual pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel. Not sure what else to do. The party is only for a couple of hours. Oh did I say I am also nervous about meeting the mums of Georgia’s little friends?? Well I am!

Food wise, because of Georgia’s allergies, it is a little more difficult to cater than just whip up a cake etc… Have to keep in mind, no eggs,no nuts, no sesame and the list goes on.

Kylies Bakehouse are making her cake. Last year I tried with egg replacer and at the last minute it was a flop. Better they make it and it be a great cake, than my efforts! Kylies bakehouse if fantastic for gluten free, nut free, egg free etc. She is totally switched on to being very careful about the ingredients she uses as she has a child too with allergies. Fortunately Georgia is not allergic to dairy and does not require gluten free.

Anyway, after rambling I think I might continue a little longer (ha haha). I made a gorgeous Maze Book the other day for my step-mum for Mothers day and am working on another for mother in law too. Thanks to Tricia Morris – Clubscrap for the directions and the webisode she does, it made it quite easy!

Oh I have ordered a rack for all my papers that has 24 shelves and a dustcover! I can’t wait until it gets here!! Shhhhh don’t tell hubby!

Also, my bestfriend is now a Stampin’ Up consultant (yes I am going to become one too) and I received an order from her yesterday with stamp cleaning gear. Also the ideas book. Wow, the book is fantastic. She had also emailed me to say she was sending something for Georgia and could I wrap it for her birthday! Turns out she had included 3 sheets of chipboard – shapes, labels everything… Hmmm and she thinks I am going to give them to a 4 year old!!! No way.. LOL

So if you are interested in stamping, cardmaking, scrapbooking, then contact me for your supplies from stampin Up. They really are great value and the ideas book is well worth buying.

Please think of me on Sunday when I host this party!!!! Will update you then!


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