Almost Easter

Well it has been a while since I updated. I have been busy with work and scrapbooking and contemplating getting into the stamping side of things as well.

I managed to get a fair bit of scrapping done last weekend. I have discovered a really good club that provides the best quality paper and kits around and that really helped with inspiration.

Anyway, with Easter fast approaching I am looking forward to sharing it with Georgia and we plan to have an Easter egg hunt, bunny rabbit feet and all. Anyone know what the weather is going to be overnight and the next morning (Sunday) ??

I must add, with Georgia being allergic to all nuts and tree nuts it has been an exciting time for “mummy Easter bunny” to go shopping this year. I could not hold back the smile as I got to shop for Easter eggs this year. Finally people are getting IT!! Companies are “getting IT” and there is now a wider choice for children with anaphylaxis to nuts to be able to share in Easter. This year is the first year we have been able to buy Georgia an Easter egg with smarties in it that does not have the “may contain” nuts warning!!!

Anyway enough of my lecturing/rambling.. Here are some of my latests scrap pages. I hope you like them.


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