Another Week Gone By

Well a week has gone since my last post. Not much has happened except that I have finished a couple of pages from last weeks trip to the beach and one LO of Georgia splashing all and sundry with water from her pool!

The pool one brings back good memories and I just WISH I had the camera ready when she threw a bucket of water of Poppy. The look on his face was priceless. He really didn’t think she would throw water on Poppy!! G being G… she DID!! Even though I don’t have a photo of it, the look on dad’s face is imprinted in my memory for ever!!

Anyway, I managed to capture G splashing Aunty Kerry and Uncle Adam and playing in her pool that she got for Christmas.

The beach one was a beautiful day and I have already gone on about it in last weeks post, so won’t bore you again. I will post the pics though.

G is just gorgeous. Yes I am biased, but she is so photogenic and those CURLS!

I have to thank Dominga for helping me cover up my glue mistakes in this LO. I put too much glue on the letters and it left a residue, so Dominga helped me out and showed me KindyGlitz which she traced around the letters and left a sparkly look and lifted the letters up out of the page so that they stood out. Thanks Dominga!


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