Long Weekend

Well a long weekend has been and passed. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friend came over Friday night and she is into Cards, not scrapping but we traded info and had a good time catching up. She got to use my cricut machine for lettering and I got some hints from her about making more depth in layouts etc which was good 🙂 Thanks Leesa

Saturday night went out with Mother-in-law to a show called Menopause the Musical. If you have not seen it then as Molly says “Do yourself a favour” it was funny and very well done!

Sunday, lazy day, pushing around the same photos, trying to make something of a page that would not come to me!! So, I pushed it aside and finished off some swaps I am involved with. Cherished Dresses and also I am in a swap for 10 cards. I managed to get 8 out of the 10 finished before my eyes begged me to go to bed!! So two more to go. Engagement card and a Blank card.

Monday woke late as I had been up too late doing cards!! My daughter kept coming in waking me intermittently..LOL… Anyway, finally we headed off to the beach. Had a great time with Georgia. Lunch at the beach, her flying a kite ( some guy offered her a turn), digging holes, building sandcastles and walking along the beach collecting shells. Yes, I got some photos so will scrap them and post later!!

Tuesday…Ho hum..back to work and very very busy! Tonight I finished one half of a double layout that I had been pushing around for days and finally thought “stuff it!” I need to just get it done… Finished it and the second page. Although it is begging for a flower or too on the 2nd page!


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