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Another Week Gone By

Well a week has gone since my last post. Not much has happened except that I have finished a couple of pages from last weeks trip to the beach and one LO of Georgia splashing all and sundry with water from her pool!

The pool one brings back good memories and I just WISH I had the camera ready when she threw a bucket of water of Poppy. The look on his face was priceless. He really didn’t think she would throw water on Poppy!! G being G… she DID!! Even though I don’t have a photo of it, the look on dad’s face is imprinted in my memory for ever!!

Anyway, I managed to capture G splashing Aunty Kerry and Uncle Adam and playing in her pool that she got for Christmas.

The beach one was a beautiful day and I have already gone on about it in last weeks post, so won’t bore you again. I will post the pics though.

G is just gorgeous. Yes I am biased, but she is so photogenic and those CURLS!

I have to thank Dominga for helping me cover up my glue mistakes in this LO. I put too much glue on the letters and it left a residue, so Dominga helped me out and showed me KindyGlitz which she traced around the letters and left a sparkly look and lifted the letters up out of the page so that they stood out. Thanks Dominga!


Long Weekend

Well a long weekend has been and passed. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friend came over Friday night and she is into Cards, not scrapping but we traded info and had a good time catching up. She got to use my cricut machine for lettering and I got some hints from her about making more depth in layouts etc which was good 🙂 Thanks Leesa

Saturday night went out with Mother-in-law to a show called Menopause the Musical. If you have not seen it then as Molly says “Do yourself a favour” it was funny and very well done!

Sunday, lazy day, pushing around the same photos, trying to make something of a page that would not come to me!! So, I pushed it aside and finished off some swaps I am involved with. Cherished Dresses and also I am in a swap for 10 cards. I managed to get 8 out of the 10 finished before my eyes begged me to go to bed!! So two more to go. Engagement card and a Blank card.

Monday woke late as I had been up too late doing cards!! My daughter kept coming in waking me intermittently..LOL… Anyway, finally we headed off to the beach. Had a great time with Georgia. Lunch at the beach, her flying a kite ( some guy offered her a turn), digging holes, building sandcastles and walking along the beach collecting shells. Yes, I got some photos so will scrap them and post later!!

Tuesday…Ho hum..back to work and very very busy! Tonight I finished one half of a double layout that I had been pushing around for days and finally thought “stuff it!” I need to just get it done… Finished it and the second page. Although it is begging for a flower or too on the 2nd page!

Me and my brother

He’s not so little. Or should I say. “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”.
I have scrapped a page that is reminiscent of Adam and I. It was new years eve 2006. It was a great New Years Eve and Christmas, being able to spend it with my family.
As you can see, we are most certainly the worse for wear in these pics and Adam is quite happy to be modelling the liquid bright coloured thingies on his ear etc..
Anyway, the page is casual. No pretentiousness (is that a word??) Just a brother and sister partying on New Years eve.

What has been happening lately

Just the usual.. as stated a crop last Friday, a re-arrangement of what I did at the crop. Note to me: less chat more scrapping!
This Friday night I am having a “crop/cardmaking” session at home. Hubby is at work so cannot go to a crop so to speak so have invited a friend over to do some craft and cards and scrapping. Should be fun. Then the following week we are off to Camelot. It will be my friends first time at Camelot. Can’t wait to see her face when she sees what is on offer!
Anyway last weekend I got around to making a mini paper bag album which uses basci grey papers and Heidi Swapp flowers.
You can judge for yourself as to whether you like it!

Another Crop at Camelot!

I love this place and I love just being able to chat to other people about scrapping and really, scrapping people are so nice, friendly and helpful!

Went along for the 2nd time this week. I had been told they were booked out, so I phoned up Friday to see if there were any cancellations. Anyway they said they would “squeeze” me in!

It was a bit squishy, but the comeraderie and the helpful hints made up for it. Mind you, a new shed is being built out the back of Camelot and there will be heaps more space for us!! I can’t wait!

Heather is a regular there and invaluable with advice, suggestions etc. I was fortunate to be sitting near her this week and her “can help” was so much appreciated. She has a real knack with colours and just pulling a page together that looks perfect!!

Anyway, I started a page at the crop, finished it, but came home thinking NAH, the yellow and red just doesn’t go and as I did last time changed it… So here it is. Georgia and Darryl spying bugs in the lawn.

Back Again!

Not too much happening in little old Adelaide!

Work Work… etc

I last posted about swapping photos with people on the internet to scrap your pages and you scrap theirs.

Here is my recipricol picture swap from a lovely lady in Victoria.

I love it. The best part of swaps is seeing what other people do and getting to think outside the nine dots. I would have done my usual pink and lots of flowers with this photo. But WOW have a look at what “Purplefroggy” came up with!