Tuesday 6th February

Hmm here I am at the PC again or should I say notebook these days!

I have been preparing for my first “crop” session. I thought to make the most of the child free time when I go to this so called “crop” I should have everything cut out that I have any clue about making and then it is go from there.

I am really looking forward to going to a crop and just being able to lose myself in the whole, do your stuff, chat and not have any interruptions. Sheesh mean mum aren’t I?

Let me explain a little about my scrap room. Me and my 3 year old daughter “share” it. I find it hard to instil sharing in her when I struggle to share my stash with her. We are coming to terms with that and I must add, scrapping is almost doubly expensive when you have a little girl that wants the same things you have bought. Of course there are limits to what she can have!! They are the things I can sneak into the house without her spotting them!! Aside from that.. well let me tell you about a shopping trip tonight!

Officeworks – we went to buy some highlighters – I needed a stapler – so did Georgia, surprised?
I then looked at some pencils, for tracing, outlining, surprise, surprise, Georgia needed them! and so it went on. So instead of quickly popping in to get some highlighters and a stapler we walked out with double of everything!

Mums be warned – this scrapbooking is contagious!! And expensive if you have to double up on costs!


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