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Internet Swaps

I have to say that I have gotten into swaps online. It really is good fun!

Challenging too.

I have just recently done a swap of photos of which the person sent me her Grandparents wedding photoes

At first I panicked, big time!! I am an amateur at this scrapbooking! Crikey what will I do!!

I think I have done them justice. After some encouraging from my husband who said well you should research the 1940’s I found a museum picture of the church they were married in. So included that in the layout.


What’s been happening lately?

It has been an interesting few days.

I must admit that I am on a mission here! I had to have 2 x ct scans, one of my neck and one of my brain (of which I am delighted to be able to tell my hubby that I have a normal brain!!) and one by ultrasound on my carotoid arteries (both sides of the neck to see if blood is flowing ok).

Well $700 later as you can see above all was normal and no sign of why half my face is numb!. Not exactly numb, but the kind of feeling when you have a swollen face or the feeling after being to the dentist!!

After being told the bill was $700 of which Medicare would cover $500 and I was out of pocket $200 the lady at the clinic said would you like to pay in full today?? She was very robotic, almost like I say this everytime kind of person. I asked her if there was any discount for paying in full on the day… To which she replied – NO. Well thank god I had not had a stroke.. and thank god I didn’t have one when she told me the amount of the bill… So to her I said NO..

So, I wait another day to get the results from the CT Scan etc. Had to go back to see the local GP
for a brief consultation to tell me my brain was normal!!!

And then to be told if the numbness continues after a week (oh also to take anti-inflammatories) then to come back I was then charged another $39.10.

This Dr bill is adding up right???

Hmm $700 for scans and ultrasound
Revisit Dr $39.10

Now who is making money here?? Certainly NOT me!!

I really think our medical system needs a huge overhaul. I pay $106 per fortnight for private cover plus my 1.5% for medicare. Tell me why I am so out of pocket????


So.. onto other things.
I have done another page about a beautiful card that my husband gave me on Valentines day and also working on a photo swap with a lovely lady from Victoria. It is challenging and I hope that once I have finished, she will like what I have done as a layout for her Gran’s wedding photos.

Finally finished a double layout that really represents Georgia and Xmas 2006.

She was absolutely mesmerised by Aunty Kerri. I think Aunty Kerri was also mesmerised by Georgia’s charm and the wish that she also had a little girl!!

Just completed a few more Layouts

I am really enjoying scrapbooking my photos and doing a little of OTP’s when I run out of steam to scrap or lack inspiration.

Oh, let you fill you in on my latest – Went to my 2nd ever lesson – Advanced Beginners 2 on the weekend. Pulling into the shop and wouldn’t you know it – I hit a gutter and blew my tyre out!

Scrapping lesson must go on, so an SOS to my husband who kindly came down and changed the tyre in 40 degree heat for me!!

I’ve just tried the new Runway from TLC and am happy with how it turned out.


I’ve also been trying out some different things. With my daughters first swimming lessons and also had a try at using hinges for the first time.

Swimming Lesson – Love this Paper

Suggestions for Scrapbooking

Interesting scrapbooking, but you seem to run out of ideas at times.
Any suggestions for topics are welcome (keep it clean!)
I love a challenge, so even if you want to post a layout with a topic in mind, let me know!
I have found recently that I am enjoying OTP’s. Now for those that do not know what that means (as in I did not know until a couple of weeks ago) then Off The Page is what it stands for. It basically means not scrapping a page, but doing something craft wise. For instance a mini album etc.
If you can scrapbook, you can do OTP’s. You must have some imagination, so therefore can produce great work off the page also.
Hey, you know what? If I can do a tag book photo album then anyone else can too!
Have a look at my first try at OTP!

Barter – = Bribe

Well now the shopping expeditions is over… Then there is time for payback!!

Well you hope there is. Maybe some photo shots for the next scrapbook? Maybe just something that Nanna would love….

Well – lets try cooking with playdough and then smile sweetly at mummy!

Hmm 3 year old holding court: No..Mummy wait until I put the cookie on the tray THEN you can take a photo!!


Woo hoo.. Mummy captured some great shots… Now to scrapbook..

Are you tired yet sweetie…?? Surely you must be…LOL